Orem, Utah (BBN) – A 2-year-old boy in Utah, US has been caught on a nanny camera saving his twin brother by lifting the dresser that fell on him.
The over two-minute video shows the toddlers climbing the open drawers of a dresser before it tips over and pins one of the boys under it, reports NDTV.
The boy, identified as Brock Shoff, is seen crying as he struggles to free himself from under the dresser.
His twin Bowdy Shoff seems clueless at first as his brother continues to wail from under the dresser.
He even tries to climb the dresser but figures that it won’t help. Bowdy then tries to lift the dress, but it does not budge.
After mulling his options, Bowdy decides to push the dresser towards the wall and it works, Brock comes unstuck from under the drawer.
The twins’ mother, Kayli Shoff, was shocked when she came to the boys’ room and found the dresser tipped over.
She reviewed the nanny cam footage and was awestruck by what she saw.
She checked the twins for any injuries, fortunately, both had come out of the incident unscathed.
Reports quoted Kayli Shoff saying the “boys did not have a scratch, it was a miracle”.
The boys’ father Ricky Shoff posted a link to the video on his Facebook on Sunday.
He wrote that his son is okay and that he was sharing the video to raise awareness of the importance of securing dressers to the wall.
The video has since gone viral on social media.