Mumbai, India (BBN)-Even though the Bengali-English bi-lingual is titled No Bed Of Roses the actor reveals that it was a fun shoot, easy to pull off.
Mirror (May 3) was the first to report that Irrfan Khan had signed another international project, a Bengali-English bilingual titled No Bed of Roses (Doob in Bengali), which he is also co-producing.
The director is an acclaimed Bangladeshi filmmaker, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, and the film also features the director’s actress-wife, Nusrat Imroz Tisha, in a pivotal role, reports the Mumbai Mirror.
The story revolves around two families who find a deeper meaning to love in the wake of a tragedy and notes that death isn’t necessarily always a loss.
Irrfan whose wife, Sutapa Sikdar is a Bengali, plays one himself, since 65 per cent of the film is in bangla.
He had played a professor, Ashoke Ganguli, a Bengali in Mira Nair’s The Namesake.
What was it about the script that grabbed his interest given how super-selective he is about giving his nod to a film?
“To be honest, it was the director Mostafa that I was more excited to work with rather than the script. I saw his past work (Ant Story) and was impressed with the powerful storytelling and his amazing vision. I instantly decided to be a part of this project,” admits Irrfan.
The film was to be shot in a 35-day schedule in Dhaka and Siliguri.
But it has been wrapped up ahead of schedule in just 25 days.
“The cast and crew were efficient enough to pull it off early. A fun team is always a bonus. The people were warm and caring and the team was a delight to work with,” Irrfan raves.
His character ages from 30 to 60 years in the course of the story, with the actor donning four different looks.
Off late, the internationally acclaimed actor has been experimenting a lot with his getups.
Any particular reason?
“I like bringing novelty to my characters because I believe all of them tell different stories. The look completes the characterisation of a thought,” he signs off.