Look at Iran’s Arat Hosseini in action. Photo taken from NDTV

New Delhi, India (BBN) – Move over Spiderman. There’s a pint-sized toddler who can give you a run for your money.
Iran’s Arat Hosseini is barely three and a half years old but he can already do things most adults cannot, reports NDTV.
For starters, the little ‘superkid’ can climb walls (without a harness) using just his hands, can jump across a distance of 130 cms (remember, he’s only 3), does backflips, lifts weights and more.
Little Arat’s parents update his activities on an Instagram page and he is nothing short of an online sensation at the moment.
Arat’s Instagram account is called ‘arat.gym’ and it has over 460 posts that show the tiny tot’s heroics.
Videos show Arat lifting weights, doing various versions of pushups, crazy splits, all of which will leave you extremely impressed.
The page enjoys a following of over 7.7 lakh people.
“I love to make people around the word happy with the talent I have.
I’m 3 and half years old and I love to eat ice cream.
I do sports such as football, gymnastics, swimming, boxing. I like painting, fast cars, playing with other kids, and I enjoy seeing my dad cheering for me,” Arat says in an Instgram post, adding: “I told my dad and he wrote this down for me.”
Amazing. I love watching you guys,” says one commenter on Instagram. “You are very talented,” says another.