Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-KOICA has especially designed the drug regulatory capacity training program to be conducted in Korea from year 2015-2017 tailored particularly for Bangladesh.
Bangladesh has a large pharmaceutical industry to support the economic growth of the country however; DGDA needs a competent drug regulatory capacity commented by World Health Organization (WHO).
Therefore, it is critical for DGDA to improve their capacity to be recognized as competent national regulatory authority. To build this capacity, it is learning from other stringent national drug regulatory bodies like Korea is indispensable, said a press releases.
A total of 45 participants will take part in this training program in a span of the mentioned 3 years period, out of which 15 officials have already participated successfully in 2015.
KOICA’s On-Site 3-day fellowship program on “Pharmaceutical Safety and Regulatory Affairs management (Bangladesh)” is taking place at the Lakeshore Hotel in Dhaka from May 2nd to 4 th, 2016.
KOICA in association with, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), have jointly arranged this On-Site training designed to principally share Korea’s experience and information on drug safety management policies. Participants will comprise of mid and high level officials from Directorate General Drug Administration (DGDA) in this training.
Pharmaceutical Safety and Regulatory Affairs management is known to be vital in the pharmaceutical industry for Bangladesh as medicinal products are subject to regulations designed by the government to protect public health. DGDA has the responsibility to ensure that the pharmaceutical companies comply with all of the regulations and laws.
In this regards, this On-Site 3-day capacity building program with a total of 20 participants is believed to enhance the drug regulatory system of Bangladesh.
Some of the principal objectives of the training are to establish a drug safety network between Korea and Bangladesh, expand regulatory cooperation, enhance participants’ regulating abilities through training based on the participants’ needs to mention a few.
One of the major activities during this training will be visiting pharmaceutical companies in order to acquire firsthand knowledge on GMP inspection and skills. Consequently, the participants will be given feedback regarding an improved action plan to help strengthen the national drug regulatory system of Bangladesh by the Korean experts.
Mr. Joe Hyun-Gue, Country Director, KOICA Bangladesh Office, hopes that all the participants taking part are able actively participate and share each other’s knowledge for an advanced capacity building and strengthening of national drug regulatory authority in Bangladesh.