Pula, Croatia (BBN)-An 80-year-old grandmother has been left looking like a movie star after being given contouring makeovers by her granddaughter.
Grandma Livia loves makeup and so Tea Flego, who lives in Pula, Croatia, made the elderly woman feel glamorous by using the technique loved by Kim Kardashian, reports the Daily Mail.
Livia, who lives in a nursing home, looks extremely different after makeup artist Tea worked her magic and has attracted many fans after the results were posted to her 48,000 Instagram followers.
Livia looks radically different after makeovers by Tea, and tries out different beauty looks on Instagram.
In the ‘before’ images, Livia can be seen wearing glasses and has red pigmentation on her skin.
But Tea then applied bronzer and darker shades of foundation and powder to contour her facial features.
As well as using this to make her cheekbones stand out as well as minimising any larger features, Tea applies highlighter to really make Livia’s face pop.
Livia seems particularly fond of a pop of colour on her lips and is seen wearing coral and fuchsia lipsticks.
To complement this, Livia has light and natural eye shadows applied as well as eyeliner and false lashes.
She looks remarkably at home in front of the camera and happily poses for the shots, with some showing the grandmother in glitzy evening gowns or sequins.
Her granddaughter posted on her Instagram @TraFlego: ‘Being in a nursing home and getting information about reactions all over the world, means a lot for her. In her 80s she [has] become a star.’
Tea said her grandmother’s popularity was exciting for her and said she was ‘grateful’ for the compliments.
For another picture, Tea posed with her grandmother and captioned it: ‘She really enjoys her popularity. And says: “Come on, take a pic, I want to advertise you”.’
Many commenters were impressed by the makeovers. Braveheart39 wrote: ‘You look amazing, you go girl keep it up.’
While others wanted to be like Livia, Ali_Bonetta posted: ‘This will be me at 80.’