New Delhi, India (BBN)-After the previous week’s lacklustre episode, Game of Thrones returned with an especially satisfying one this week, an episode that propelled the story into exciting new directions while at the same time providing some much needed catharsis.
Where do we even begin?, reports the Hindustan Times.
Let’s start with some of the filler, shall we, and work our way to the top.
In another episode, Theon’s reunion with Yara at the Iron Islands would’ve been a perfectly fine scene, but it had two other, much more relatable reunions to contend with this time and ended up feeling a downer.
But Theon tends to do that these days.
The same goes for Margaery’s meeting with the High Sparrow in King’s Landing.
Did we really need the drab backstory of the Ayatollah of Game of Thrones to jarringly kill the momentum of the episode?
No. But at least Cersei and Jaime’s scheming saved the day.
Cersei has become, in this season, the most formidable character of them all, and it’s terrifying to speculate where her anger will lead her.
Oh, and Littlefinger showed up, if only to remind us that he still exists and will presently be given more to do than just play mind games with Joffrey light.
So, all the drudgery done, we finally get to talk about the best bits of the episode (and that’s not an euphemism, although it could be).
Despite the frigidness of The Wall, that reunion between Jon Snow and Sansa was like being handed a mug of hot chocolate.
They’ve been through so much, faced such horrors, but with one understanding look, an embrace, and an apology, they were finally together.
We can all safely agree that watching a Tyrion-Varys buddy comedy is something we’d all lap right up.
And their scenes in Meereen, in the absence of Daenerys, are some of the best.
Tyrion brought his own brand of diplomacy to the slavery situation and has now excitingly settled into his comfort zone.
And now, for the third reunion: Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis arrived in Vaes Dothrak with a half-baked plan of breaking Daenerys out.
And it all ended with a scene so typical of the Khaleesi that it’d leave you frothing at the mouth with anticipation of what the future holds for her.
The final moves are being made, allegiances being defined. The end, as they say, is in sight.
Valar Morghulis.