New Delhi, India (BBN)-Life has its twists and turns. It is up to us to learn the tricks of dealing with it.
The chances of you running into your ex, at some point of time in life, are quite high, reports The Times of India.
Hiding is not a great option. What does one do?
Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you run into your ex…
All of us at one point of time are caught imagining how it would be, if we bump into an ex?
What should you say? Will you hug or ignore? It is always better to have a plan.
Do what makes you feel comfortable.
Don’t lose control, or over-react, and regret about it later. Be polite and act normal.
The trick is to get away from the situation with integrity.
Catch all the right signs and see if he/she wants to linger around or just walk away.
If he/she wants to continue the conversation or do they look uninter ested.
It is always wise to react accordingly.
If you are still attracted towards your ex, keep it short and simple.
Don’t blabber or say things just to prolong a conversation. We tend to do a lot of stupid things when around the person we had once loved, but don’t say things that will make you look desperate.
Even if it is was a hard break-up, learn to let go.
Don’t have any bitter feelings.
Be respectful and say hello.
Don’t pick a fight or be sar castic.
Look confident.
Even if you have butterflies in your stomach and all your old feelings are rushing back, stay calm.
Look confident, be cour teous and talk about how life is good.
A word of caution -do not text your ex after the meeting.
It only shows that you have not let go and still have an emotional bond.
If you bump into your ex in a bar or a club, don’t overdo the drink ing to make it look like life is rock ing.
Alcohol is not going to help.
Don’t get drunk or fall all over your ex.
That’s the worst thing you can.
Don’t do things that will catch the attention of your ex.
If you are running into your ex, with your current partner, don’t get into details.
You don’t have to introduce them to each other.
You don’t need to give your ex all the details.
Don’t show your nervousness.
A simple, “You seem to be busy, shall see you around,” will do, and is the perfect way to slip away.
Lovers turning into friends takes a lot of time and maturity from both the individuals.
Don’t force yourself to be friends with your ex.
You don’t need to be friends.
You have enough and more friends and don’t need an extra baggage.
It is difficult to act normal with a person, you once cuddled and loved.
But life goes on and your ex might have moved on, too.
Don’t get disturbed if you bump into your ex when he is with his new partner.