Los Angeles, US (BBN) – American actor Andrew Garfield’s career, which includes a Golden Globe win for a role in The Social Network (2010), took a turn for the worse, when the 33-year-old actor was heavily criticised for his lacklustre portrayal of Peter Parker aka Spider Man in two films of the Amazing Spiderman film franchise.
Now, as the actor returns with Martin Scorsese’s Silence, the actor admits that playing the Marvel Comic Superhero wasn’t perhaps his thing, reports Hindustan Times.
“I always say I was never Spider Man. But it was a learning experience for me, as an actor, and as a person. But as for now, I would just like to be a fan of superhero films than act in one.”
Ask him if he has an opinion on Bollywood, after working with Indian actor Irrfan Khan in the film, and he says, “I am not very much educated about Bollywood films, but I know that it is big and colourful. The world knows that. Irrfan Khan was phenomenal in Spider Man. I was immediately in awe, when I saw the movie.”
Recently, Garfield joined Hollywood actors, who have been vocal about their distaste of US President Donald Trump. “My dislike for Trump is pretty evident,” he says.
“I have been very vocal because it does matter to me. Trump is a man who is interested only in himself. He is narcissistic, grandiose and toxic. He’s a tyrant king whom we’ve just given all our power to… He’s the richest man in the graveyard. This is my opinion about him. And a lot of people, who have a following, are making their voice heard about the monstrosity that has taken over the US and the world as well and I totally commend and respect them and stand by them. Let’s hope for the best even in dark times.”