Mumbai, India (BBN) – For those who think that following a face-care regime is only for women, think again!
Men have harder skin which undergoes pollution, reports NDTV.
When their shaved skin is exposed to pollution and sweat, it gets more susceptible to pimples, blackheads or even skin discolouration.
Men and women alike should follow basic facial care regime including cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and so on.
A bit of indulgence in personal grooming will not only make you look good but also keep those years and wrinkles off your face.
According to Chandrika Mohan, who works in the area of personal care, research and development at The Himalaya Drug Company, men should opt for face wash with natural ingredients, use after-shave products according to skin-type and more to take care of their facial skin.
Apart from that, she summarizes in few points some of the most basic facial care tips for men.
For daily face cleaning, a face wash with natural ingredients must be used to remove surface impurities to refresh the skin without over-drying it and subjecting it to any chemicals.
A right shaving routine is a must for every man. Usage of after-shave products that suit your skin is ideal more so, since after shaving men’s skin pores get exposed to outside air.
If needed, usage of natural or herbal face washes for cleansing post shave makes sure you are cleaning the skin naturally.
Moisturizing your skin is essential to avoid dryness.
For a well-nourished skin it is recommended to use moisturizers according to your skin-type.
For many, facials are still feminine.
But slowly this definition is evolving. Getting a facial done before a wedding or a festival to look and feel good has become a well-accepted trend in the men’s world.
These can be thought as a man’s best friend, hence should be chosen wisely.
Don’t opt for the cheap ones, as they may cause damage to your skin, causing rashes.
Invest in good razors and trimmers.
Never leave without putting sunscreenon.