New York, US (BBN) – A Tennessee woman got a rude awakening last week after finding a unwelcome guest in her bed.
Christine Humphries was asleep in her rustic Cheatham County home Friday when she felt what she thought was a household pet sidle up next to her, reports the Inside Edition.
“I woke up and thought that my cat had touched my arm but realized it wasn’t cat fur a few minutes later,” Humphries told WTVF.
“I reached up and looked even farther, and when I raised my head up without moving my arm, whatever was in the bed raised up also and it was a small head.”
Humphries was frozen in fear.
“I yelled for my daughter downstairs.
I was in shock because I’ve never had a snake in my house.
I’ve never even had a mouse in my house,” she said.
When her wits returned, Humphries and her daughter called authorities, who came and removed the 3-foot serpent from her bed.
The authorities snagged the reptile — an eastern rat snake — from her upstairs loft and released it back into the woods.
While non-venomous, sharing a bed with the snake still isn’t high on Humphries’ list of favorite nighttime activities.
“It gives me chills down my spine when I think about having a snake on my bed that was actually laying on me,” she said.