Face mapping is a concept used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries that correlates different areas of the face with the internal organs of the body, the acne on various parts might actually point out to various ailments that you should be aware of

Here are 5 ailments that your acne indicates:
Forehead : Acne on your forehead can actually point to various problems including digestive problems, liver issues and small intestine issues and also problem with the hair products that you use, said a blogpost published in Stylish.in.
Treatment : If you think the problem is with the one of the hair products that you are using, make sure you identify which is that and if you think it’s not hair which is causing acne, drink lot of water to wash out the toxins in your body, consult doctor if you think it is necessary
Temples and Eyebrows: Acne on temples and eyebrows often points out to poor circulation around eyes, gallbladder problems, high-fat diets, processed foods, or alcohol.
Treatment: Make sure you massage around your eyes, every time you wash your face, to increase the blood flow. If it is because of alcohol or processed foods, try to consume less of them and eat lot of veggies, fruits and drink lot of water to compensate the bad food
Ears: Large, persistent pimples in your ears often point to your kidneys not functioning properly or they’re not receiving enough nutrients or water
Treatment: see that your nutrient intake is enough and keep a watch on your caffeine and salt consumption, again consuming lot of water can you help you a lot.
Chin: Acne on chin points out to hormonal problems, dirty hands or gynecological issues.
Treatment: While you can take omega-3 to balance hormones or sip spearmint tea to ease stress, it is suggested you talk to a doctor if you suspect hormonal problems. Keep your hands clean by regularly using hand wash if its dirty hands which is the cause.
Cheeks: In face mapping cheeks are mapped to lungs and reportedly smokers usually experience acne in cheeks, while pimples in this region can also be caused by inhaling lot of polluted air, dirty pillows or dirty mobile phones.

Treatment: decreasing your smoking, use clean pillows and disinfect your mobile phones as frequently as possible, or use hands-free.