New Delhi, India (BBN)-While is it good to have someone special to treat you like a princess and make you feel all good, at times there’s nothing like a succulent bar of dark chocolate which will instantly melt away all your worries and keep you calm, composed and relax.
It’s true that we’ve all had our secret love affair with chocolates over the years, but then there are many times when our undying love for chocolates has been proved right over and over again, reports the TNN.
Be it a rainy day, a sweaty afternoon or misty mornings, indulging in that gooey, various forms of, and healthy chocolate has always been a secret fantasy for many.
Here are few reasons why chocolates any day are better, well sometimes, have been better and more dependable than our boyfriends.
1. You don’t have to wait by the side of the phone.
They never promise to call you and ditch you.
In fact, when someone doesn’t call us, chocolates are always by our side to comfort us.
2. They would never hurt your feelings.
There would be days when you feel the whole world around you is crumbling and you just want to stuff yourself inside a quilt.
Although chocolates cannot speak, just a glance at them makes everything alright.
3. Chocolate won’t insult you.
I’m sure boyfriends don’t hurt our feelings knowingly, but if they go at times a little over the top, it’s these, wonderful, exquisite and tasty bars of chocolates that comes to our rescue.
4. You don’t have to try to impress chocolate, as they are the ones who will make your day no matter what.
They wouldn’t mind if you wearing pajamas, having a bad hair day or simply, unable to keep up with all the commotion happening around you, they will still love you the way you are.
5. It always smells good and enticing.
Chocolate never stinks.
You can inhale it all day and still feel that euphoric bliss you always get when you smell chocolate.
Their love for you is unconditional.