If you’re a busy mom and you’re trying to get back in shape, you might be looking for fitness tips that actually work.
After diaper changing, broken sleep, meals cooked, and a day of housecleaning, exercise may be the last thing on your mind.
However, you should prioritize your health.
Your child wants you to be healthy enough to play with them, take care of them and live a longer life.
So take a look at some helpful fitness tips for super busy moms that you’ll definitely want to follow.
1. Create a family workout
If it’s difficult for you to find time for exercise, why not go for a family workout?
Hiking, walking, jumping, running, stretching, yoga… there are so many family-friendly exercises that it’s not easy to find an excuse to skip your daily workout.
Help your family to improve health and shed pounds at the same time.
Family workout is one of the best ways to shape your kids healthily for the future.
2. Enjoy your fitness time whenever possible
If your children attend an art, music or dance class, don’t just sit in the waiting room, wasting your precious fitness time.
Start exercising by getting outside for a run, bike ride, or roller blading.
Or, simply go for a walk.
When your kids are finished with dance lessons you’ll be complete knowing you used your time well by getting your exercise in.
3. Opt for healthy snacks
Packing healthy snacks for you and your kids is one of the most important fitness tips to follow when you want to stay slim and healthy.
Sometimes we pack snacks only for kids and forget to pack some healthy stuff for yourself.
Pack an apple, vegetable sticks, berries, yogurt, or vegetable chips.
When you take healthy snacks along with you, it’s much easier to stay on track and cut your calorie intake during the day.
4. Pack your salad
Eliminate the guesswork at meal time by making your salads in advance.
You can prepare a great variety of salads, simply change the core ingredients but don’t forget to include fruit, vegetables, nuts, greens and some light dressing.
A healthy salad is a good fuel for your fitness workouts and your busy life as a mother.
Moreover, you probably often don’t have time to make a healthy lunch, do you?
5. Tote along your tot
If you’re with your kid every day, tote along your tot for a wonderful exercise.
Go for a good run with your baby strapped into a stroller and don’t forget to add in some resistance training of stroller squats and lunges.
You can also exercise in the park while your little one enjoys some fresh air and beautiful landscapes.
6. Mall walking
Now, pack up your stroller and go to the mall for an excellent exercise.
If you go to the mall in the early hours you’ll have enough room to speed walk around because it won’t be so busy.
This is a great way to burn those unwanted calories and make essential purchases at the same time.
7. Find balance in your life
Finding balance in life is one of the biggest challenges for many moms.
As a mom, you can easily get lost in all your everyday tasks just caring for your kids.
Try to be more flexible with your schedule and squeeze in your workout whenever you can.
I usually find it easier to exercise early in the morning since there are no excuses.
I don’t think you have to do something at 5:00 am or 6:00 am in the morning, so why not shake up your body a little bit before your so called work day?
Even if you’re a super busy mom, it’s still possible to exercise and eat healthy.
Just try to follow these tips, which will help you be healthy, beautiful, fit and happy!
Become a role model for your child and show them exercise is essential in everyday life.
Are you a busy mom?
How often do you manage to exercise? Share your tips with us please, according to Amerikanki.com.