New Delhi, India (BBN)-The festive season is on, with almost everyone receiving party invites.
While you want to put your best face ­forward, being hard-pressed for time could leave you stressed out, reports the Hindustan Times.
The fact is that you don’t need a whole day or a visit to the beauty salon to turn heads at a party.
All you need is a few smart makeup and styling tricks, your ­favourite fragrance, your ­confident smile, and you’ll be ready to rock any party in style!
Here’s how to go from drab to fab ­without any sweat.
Master the art of contouring: Contouring can give you a whole new sculpted face in just no time.
It involves ­highlighting your best ­features and making them pop.
If you’d like to do it the Kim Kardashian way, then ­contouring your cheeks and then giving them a glow with a bronzer is a must.
There are numerous beauty ­tutorials on YouTube that can make you a contouring pro within ­minutes.
No fuss shampoo: We all have days when it’s ­impossible to manage those greasy locks and a head wash seems so difficult.
To quickly give a freshly washed look to your hair, use a dry shampoo or baby powder.
You can also add a shiny finish to your hair by giving it a quick rinse with green tea leaves boiled in water mixed with one lime juice.
Let the witch handle ­pimples: If you have a party to attend and you have a ­sudden party spoiler breakout, then here’s the fix: Just dab some witch hazel on a ­cotton ball and apply it to the pimple for a few seconds to get rid of the redness and ­settle the swelling.
Exfoliate and cleanse: When you have no time to make a visit to the parlour and ­pamper yourself with a facial, the best you can do is a quick home remedy. A mix of sugar and honey scrubbed for about five minutes leaves you with baby soft skin.
Banish tired eyes: Your eyes can tell that you did not sleep or you are exhausted. Apply concealer to your eyelids and undereye to hide dark circles. Set them with a translucent powder. Line the rim of your lower eyelid with a white eye pencil. Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re done.
Luscious red: A red lipstick is the fastest way to go glam. Red lips are a great way to transform the most basic dress into something ­gorgeous. So, be bold and go red!
Make waves: Get soft, fun waves at home by braiding your damp hair before going to bed. Open them in the morning and finger-comb.