US (BBN)-A common perception is that there is hardly anything about which internet cannot provide information.
Do you know 70 per cent people in developing countries have no access to internet?
Yes, a study carried out by Facebook said, reports the India Today.
The reasons and factors given are quite interesting: People are offline due to lack of relevant content for them in their languages, lack of infrastructure and affordability.
The report said in order to provide relevant content to 80 per cent of the world; it would require sufficient content in at least 92 languages.
In the developed countries, some 76 per cent of the population use internet while in developing nations like India the figure is just 29.8 per cent.
The report added that given at the present rate of slow growth, Internet won’t reach four billion people until 2019.

Facebook has conducted this study through its Internet.org.

It is an initiative to boost connectivity around the world.
In 2014, the rate of growth of internet users was only 6.6 percent, it said.
“At present rates of decelerating growth, the Internet won’t reach four billion people until 2019,” the report said.
The report said tech companies, governments and non-government organisations need to do more to boost the number of people online.
The report found some regions especially lacking in Internet use: only 16.9 percent of people were online in sub-Saharan Africa and 13.7 per cent in South Asia.
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