Nijmegen, Netherlands (BBN) – Most people cringe at the thought of being inside a jail cell- but this granny had it on her bucket list.
A 99-year-old woman from the Netherlands crossed off one of her lifelong wishes when she requested to be arrested last week, reports New York Post.
The daring Dutchwoman, known only as Annie, said she always wanted to “experience a police cell from within” so she enlisted her niece for help, according to ABC 13.
The niece got in touch with the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid force in the eastern part of country where they live and told them her aunt wanted to cross “getting arrested” off her bucket list, according to the TV station.
They gladly accepted the request and brought Annie down to the police station and slapped some cuffs on her and threw her in a cell—even posting pictures from the bizarre experience to their Facebook page.
Annie is pictured grinning ear to ear as the cuffs got put on her hands and in another picture, she proudly holds up her cuffs from behind the cell.
The Dutch police force called the experience “a day to remember.”