New York, US (BBN)-Typically, on Father’s Day, we say thank you to our dads, our grandfathers, or our husbands. But there’s another group that deserves props, too: single moms, the women who have to be both mother and father to their children.

At least that’s the way a new ad from Angel Soft sees it. In the two-minute video, posted Monday to YouTube and so far viewed more than 63,000 times, grown children emotionally recount being brought up by one woman who did it all, reports the Yahoo.

“I don’t know how she raised three boys on her own with such grace,” one son says.

“But she was tough. She was not a joke,” says a daughter. “Opposite of her toughness, there was something very fragile.”

So what on earth does this have to do with toilet paper? Like the product, “Sometimes days [mom] had to be softer. Some days she had to be stronger,” the ad notes. “But every day she had to be both.”

But seriously: Happy Father’s Day, Moms.