Afghan drone strike 'kills IS Commander Abdul Rauf' 

Kabul, Afghanistan (BBN)-A drone strike in Afghanistan has killed a militant commander who recently swore allegiance to Islamic State (IS), officials say.
The police chief of Helmand said that former Taliban Commander Mullah Abdul Rauf had died in the strike, reports BBC.
It emerged last month that Rauf had sworn allegiance to IS after falling out with the Taliban.
Elders in northern Helmand say a car carrying up to six people was destroyed while crossing the desert.
The car was loaded with ammunition and exploded, reports say.
Rauf, who spent six years in Guantanamo Bay after being captured by US forces in 2001, was reported to have fallen out with the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar.
He swapped the white flags of the Taliban for the black flags of IS and recruited followers in Helmand.
Rauf was then named as deputy leader of IS in “Khorasan” – an old name for Afghanistan – by the organisation in Syria.
BBN/AD-9Feb15-4:40pm (BST)