Muscat, Oman (BBN)-Amnesty for overstaying workers has been extended by three months, according to Ministry of Manpower official.
Amnesty which began on May 3 this year was to end on July 31, reports the Times of Oman.
Amnesty was announced to help regulate the labour market in Oman.
“It will help the undocumented and stranded expatriate workers to fly back to their home country without facing any legal action,” an offices of manpower said.
A previous amnesty offered at the end of 2009, which lasted until the start of 2011, helped over 60,000 overstaying workers to return home without facing any legal action.
There have also been similar amnesties in 2005 and 2007.
Omani authorities put in place a new set of measures in April this year to help uncover undocumented migrant workers.
Officials carried out raids on expat homes, put tighter controls on work permits and tenancy contracts, and placed more scrutiny of landlords and their tenants as part of the crackdown.