Author: Siddique Islam

Bangladesh’s stocks down at opening

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Both the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) saw downward trend in early hour of trading on Monday, the second session of the week mainly due to higher sell pressures by the investors. DSEX, the prime index of the DSE, went down by 4.89 point or 0.11 per cent to 4488.48, after nearly 1st hour of trade when the report was filed at 11:15am. The two other indices also saw negative trend. The DS30 index, comprising blue chips, lost 0.62 points or 0.03 per cent to 1719.87. The DSE Shariah Index (DSES)...

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Monday’s morning business round up of Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – The BBN has prepared the morning business round up compiling reports, published by different newspapers and news portals in Bangladesh. Modi wants 4 countries to go ahead Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, prioritised four-country cooperation over the role of the SAARC. ‘SAARC countries were keen to establish connectivity at the last SAARC summit – but then – not every country is Bangladesh. He said India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan had now decided to move ahead in this direction,’ Modi said at a speech in Dhaka before conclusion of his two-day state visit to Bangladesh. A...

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India, Bangladesh not just ‘pass pass’ but ‘saath saath’, says Modi

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – India and Bangladesh are not just “pass pass” (close to each other) but also “saath saath” (together), Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Dhaka on Sunday. PM Modi said not just Asia but the entire world “will do a detailed post-mortem” on India-Bangladesh ties following his visit to see what has been gained, reports NDTV “But if in one sentence I am to describe the ties, people will think that we are ‘pass pass’ but now the world will have to accept that we are not just ‘pass pass’ but ‘saath saath’,” he added. He...

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Modi leaves Teesta in Mamata hands

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Mamata Banerjee boarded the flight back to Calcutta with a wide grin tonight hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Bangladeshi soil what she wanted to hear from him on the Teesta river. “I am confident that with the support of state governments in India, we can reach a fair solution on the Teesta and Feni rivers. We should also work together to renew and clean our rivers,” Modi said, steering clear of expansive announcements that had marked some of his foreign tours. Although the Indian establishment has been tamping down expectations on the Teesta water-sharing deal during this trip, some sections in Bangladesh were nursing hopes that Modi would send a firm signal, reports ABP Live. Instead, the Prime Minister ended up seeking Mamata’s support standing on foreign soil. Modi did not name Mamata or identify any particular state but the water-sharing deal is stuck primarily because of Calcutta’s objections. “Our rivers should nurture our relationship, not become a source of discord,” Modi said, probably asking for some more time from his Bangladesh counterpart on turning Mamata around. The Himalayan river flows into Bengal from Sikkim and then enters Bangladesh, which makes the neighbouring country a natural claimant to a share of its waters. It has been a long-standing demand of Dhaka that India should give Bangladesh its due share from the Teesta, which...

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Govt borrows BDT 18bn issuing T-bills

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- Bangladesh government borrowed BDT 18 billion from the market issuing its treasury bills (T-bills) on Sunday to finance budget deficit partly, officials said. Total 25 bids of BDT 17.6577 billion for 91-Day T-bills and 48 bids of BDT 23.88 billion for 182-Day T-bills were offered. Of those five bids of BDT 9.50 billion for 91-Day T-bills and 21 bids of BDT 8.50 billion for 182-Day T-bills were accepted. The range of the implicit yield of the accepted bid was 5.25-5.36 per cent and 5.78-6.45 per cent respectively, according to the auction result. Currently, three T-bills are...

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