New York, US (BBN)-JK Rowling just rekindled the ever-burning Harry Potter fire. For those of you who may have missed it, the new school-year at Hogwarts has begun.
And Rowling, in just two tweets, has managed to transport us all back there. She’s reminded us that it’s James Sirius Potter’s first year and if we could help him out at King’s Cross, reports the Hindustan Times.
September 1st may be the day you religiously read your favourite parts from the books again.
You may have even marathoned the movies with your friends.
But let’s go back to when you were 10 years old. More specifically, the eve of your 11th birthday.
You’d been uneasy for days, maybe even weeks.
You kept stealing glances at your window. You spent far too much time outside. Then, the clock struck 12.
The time had finally come. You were 11 years old. But the owl never turned up. It must be some glitch, you think. Maybe they sent Errol. He’ll turn up sooner or later.
You decide you’ll just re-read Philosopher’s Stone again while you wait. Ah well.
And while you still wait for the day your owl finally turns up – it’s coming alright – check out the amazing explosion of nostalgia that took over Twitter Wednesday.