Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- The Bangladesh Bank (BB) injected BDT 17.7639 billion in the market through special REPO auction and special liquidity support on Thursday ahead of the Eid festival, officials said.

One bid of 3-day tenor amounting to BDT 500 million was received as special REPO and bid of 3-day tenor amounting to BDT 300 million was accepted.

Moreover, 16 primary dealer (PD) and non-PD banks of 3-day tenor amounting total of BDT 17.4639 billion were provided as liquidity support facility.

The rate of interest of special REPO was 10.25 percent but for the Liquidity Support Facility the rate of interest was 7.25 percent.
On the other hand, the central bank withdrew BDT 3.10 billion from the market using its 30-day bills and reverse REPO auction on the same day.

Three bids amounting total of BDT2.72 billion were offered and all bids were accepted. The rate of weighted average yield of the accepted bid was 5.25 percent for 30-day Bangladesh Bills.

Besides, one bid of 3-day tenor amounting to BDT 380 million was received and the bid was accepted. The rate of interest of reverse REPO was 5.25 percent.

BBN/SSR/AD-25July14-11:31 am (BST)