Geneva, Switzerland (BBN) – Trade unionists, workers and NGOs have gathered together to stage actions outside Bangladesh embassies and consulates around the world.
They are calling for wrongly jailed union leaders and workers to be freed immediately and the crackdown against unions to stop, according to a press statement, issued by the IndustriALL.
In last few weeks at least 34 union leaders and garment workers have been arrested and detained over false allegations connected to demonstrations over low wages, the rights group added.
As recently as February 10 a group of nine union leaders were arrested in Chittagong. As of today many remain imprisoned and none of the charges have been dropped.
UNI Global Union Deputy General Secretary, Christy Hoffman said: “This crackdown is about denying workers in the Bangladeshi garment industry the right to organise unions and collectively bargain for decent wages. We call on the Bangladesh government and the BGMEA to put a halt to this harassment and respect the workers who create wealth for their country while receiving a pittance.”
IndustriALL Global Union Assistant General Secretary, Jenny Holdcroft, who delivered a letter of protest to the Bangladesh Consulate in Geneva said: “The Bangladesh government must understand the implications of the widespread protests this week in Europe, the United States and Asia. There’s no sustainable future for the industry without respect for labour rights.”