Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Bangladesh has floated a tender to import around 1.175 million tonees (mts) refined fuel oil shortly, officials said.
The state-run Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has floated the tender inviting bids by the end of this month to supply the fuel oil.
Of the quantity, 965,000 mts of 0.05 per cent sulfur gasoil (diesel), 120,000 mts of 180 centistoke (CST) high sulfur fuel oil (furnace oil) and 90,000 mts of jet A-1 fuel.
The BPC intends to import the fuel oil under three groups. The suppliers will be able to submit bids for any one of the three, two or all the groups, they added.
A selected international oil supplier would provide 490,000 mts of diesel and 50,000 mts of jet A-1 fuel under group A,
Around 475,000 mts of diesel and 40,000 mts of jet A-1 fuel would be imported from a selected international supplier under group B.
Under group C, 120,000 mts of furnace oil would be imported from a selected bidder.
The bid submission deadline is October 31 and the offer validity is for 75 days until January 13 next.
This is the BPC’s second tender to import refined petroleum products through open tendering in nine months.