Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Both money and foreign exchange markets remain almost stable while the stocks fall slightly on Tuesday.
The call rate ranged between 5.50 per cent and 7.00 per cent on the day unchanged from the previous level, market operators said.
The volume of transaction came down to BDT 58.93 billion on Monday from BDT 53.27 billion of the previous level, according to the central bank statistics.
On the other hand, the banks quoted the dollar signal rate at BDT 77.60 on the day unchanged from the previous level.
Bangladesh’s stocks returned to the red on Tuesday, a day after upturn as investors followed cautious stance ahead of Eid festival.
                                                          Daily Indicators
                                                           Latest                  Previous
Inter-bank US$-BDT rate                  77.60                        77.60
Inter-bank call money rate                5.50 – 7.00                  5.50 – 7.00
Call turnover (in billion)                    58.93                         53. 27
DIBOR                                               6.2140                     6.2142
Special REPO (in billion)                  0.30                              0.30
Reverse REPO (in billion)                7.63                             14.0 8
Forex reserve (in billion)                   $21.09                        $21.12
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