Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-Bangladesh government is planning to impose a temporary ban on rice bran exports to India to encourage local edible oil production in the country.

Sources at the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) told local media that they would impose the ban after getting a clarity over the domestic production of rice bran, its exports as well as imports of non-oily rice bran from India annually, reports oryza.com.

Bangladesh imports non-oil rice bran from India in exchange for rice bran exports.

It also imports huge quantities of edible rice bran oil for local consumption.

He noted that the EPB was gathering information from a range of government agencies, including the Food Department, regarding the number of rice bran oil producing factories in the country, their capacity and the quantity of rice bran needed for adequate rice bran oil production in the country.

Local sources say Bangladesh can produce sufficient quantity of rice bran oil both for local consumption as well as for exports.

Also demand for rice bran oil has been increasing in Bangladesh given its health benefits over sunflower oil and soybean oil.

While the EPB and the Commerce Ministry are planning to finalize the implementation of the ban, local sources say rice millers are opposing the mover saying rice bran exports help them to adjust rice production costs as well as keep rice prices stable in the country.

BBN/ANS-15July14-8:20pm (BST)