Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)- The state-run Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) on Thursday increased electricity prices at bulk and retail levels by 15 percent and 17 percent respectively. 
The new tariffs will come into effect from September 1, BERC Chairman Syed Yusuf Hossain told reporters at its office in the capital Dhaka, adding that power price at retail level has been hiked by 15 percent to BDT 5.75 from BDT 5.0 a unit while the tariff at bulk level has been increased by 17 percent to BDT 4.70 from BDT 4.02 a unit.
This was the sixth-time increase in power tariffs since the government came to power and the fourth in the last six months, as the government has been struggling to cut its spending on subsidies on energy.
The new slabs will be effective for consumer using power from 0-75 units, 76-200 units, 201-300 units, 301-400, 401-600 units and above 600 units, according to the BERC’s announcement,  
Under the new tariff, price for 0-75 units has been fixed at BDT 3.66 for Rural Electrification Board (REB) and at BDT 3.33 for other power distribution companies. For 76-200 units, the tariff has been fixed at BDT 4.37 for REB and BDT 4.73 for other companies. 
For 201-300 units the price has been fixed at BDT 4.51 for REB and BDT 4.83 for other companies, for 301-400 units the price is BDT 7.10 for REB and BDT 4.93 for other companies, for 401-600 the rate is BDT 7.40 for REB and BDT 7.98 for other companies and above 600 units the rate is BDT 9.38 for REB and BDT 9.38 for other power distribution companies. 
BBN/SSR/AD-20Sept12-10:12 pm (BST)