Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Bangladesh’s jewellers on Sunday slashed the prices of gold by maximum BDT 991 per bhori-11.664 grams- to adjust the prices of the precious metal with the global market.
Bangladesh Jewellers’ Samity (BAJUS) took the decision on the day. The new prices will be effective from Monday.
According to BAJUS, per bhori (11.664 grams) of 22-carat or the best quality gold will now cost BDT 45,898 against BDT 46,889, 21-carat will cost BDT 43,857 against BDT 44,673 and 18-carat will cost BDT 37,908 against BDT 38,491.
In traditional system, the rate of a bhori of gold will be BDT 25,020 against BDT 26,010.
Although the gold price witnessed a fall, the price of silver has increased by BDT 117 to BDT 1050 from BDT 933.
However, the price of silver has been increased.
The revised price of silver will be BDT 1,050 per bhori (previous price BDT 933).
The BAJUS said that they will regularly oversee the price of gold in the global market and adjust it with the local market every week.