Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– The Bangladesh Taka (BDT) continued its appreciation against the US dollar last week as well and was traded around BDT 78.70 levels on the last working day of the week.
The market operators expect to see the same trend in the next week.
The average daily inter-bank US$/BDT transaction volume rose to about US$ 56.70 million in the last week from US$ 54.64 million of the previous week.
Most of the banks kept their published foreign exchange rates unchanged throughout the week, they added.
The US$/BDT selling rates for importers of major foreign and private banks ranged between BDT 79.00-79.75, while US$ buying rates from exporters were at BDT 78.00-78.75.

For non- commercial payments such as telegraphic transfer as donations, wage earners remittance, dollar drafts etc, the average T.T buying rate was in the range of BDT 78.00-78.75 while average T.T selling rate was at 79.34 on the last working day. US$/BDT swap market in this week was active.

The daily average volume of swap transaction was around US$ 35 million.