Melbourne, Australia (BBN)-According to the ICC’s fixture list, Bangladesh were supposed to play their quarter-final tie in Wellington on March 21 but instead will now travel to Melbourne to play against India on March 19.
As per the schedule, the number one of Pool B will face number four of Pool A on 21 March in Wellington. So why the sudden change?
The ICC has explained this by saying that they want to make sure that if a host country qualifies for the knockout round, they play the quarterfinal match on their home soil irrespective of where they finish, reports The Economic Times.
Therefore, New Zealand will play their quarter-final against the West Indies in Wellington, their home soil, on 21 March, the only quarters match that is scheduled to be played in New Zealand.
India captain MS Dhoni has expressed his displeasure at the travel itinerary of his team during its trip to New Zealand which affected the players as many of them were drained due to change in time zone and odd hours of journey.
“If you check our travel schedule when we were coming to New Zealand, it wasn’t a great one.
As much as we have tried to manage, we couldn’t because of the time that we landed in New Zealand, we had bus journey (Auckland to Hamilton).
Lot of people had problems in adjusting with the change of time and it affected their sleeping pattern,” Dhoni said.
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