Songkhla, Thailand (BBN)-Nine more people including a Bangladeshi national wanted on human-trafficking charges have been arrested in Thailand.
With the arrest, the number of detained suspects rose to 43, with 34 still on the run, reports the Bangkok Post quoting police.
The Bangladeshi national was identified as Usen. The details on the arrestee was not known immediately.
Pol Maj Gen Puthichart Ekachan, deputy commissioner of the Region 9 Provincial Police Bureau, said at a press conference on Thursday that four of the nine surrendered while the other five were arrested on warrants, reports the Bangkok Post.
The surrendering suspects were Posia Angchotiphan, a relative of Pajjuban “Koh Tong” Angchotiphan, Sompol Adam, a Satun provincial administration organisation representative for Muang district, Somboon Sando and Somkiat Kaewpradap.
The four other arrestees were Abdullaseed Mantasum, Madyusop Billem, Cheta Yafat and Mid Mochuen.
Pol Maj Gen Puthichart alleged the nine were members of human-trafficking rings in Songkhla, Satun and Ranong. They would be detained at the Region 9 Provincial Police operations centre for further questioning, he said.
Arrest warrants have been issued for 77 people, of whom 43 are now in detention and 34 still at large.
Of the 77, 39 were from Songkhla, 19 from Satun and 12 from Ranong. Seven others were foreign nationals, he said.