Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Bangladesh’s tanners have announced prices for purchasing different types of rawhides during Eid-ul-Azha relatively lower than the previous year.
The tanners will purchase per square feet of salted cowhide at BDT 50-55 in Dhaka and BDT 40-45 across the country outside the capital, salted goatskin at BDT 20-22 and BDT 15-17 respectively while salted buffalo skin at BDT 35-40, according to decision.
In 2014, the tanners bought per square feet of salted cowhide at BDT 70-75 in Dhaka and BDT 60-65 outside the capital, goatskin at BDT 30-35 and BDT 25-30 and buffalo skin at BDT 35-40.
Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA), Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchants Association (BHSMA) and Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leather-Goods and Footwear Exporters’ Association (BFLLFEA) jointly announced the prices of rawhides at a press conference in the capital on Wednesday.
BTA President Shaheen Ahmed said they have fixed the prices considering both domestic and global situation.