Copenhagen, Denmark (BBN) – When couples get divorced, they generally don’t stay living together in the same house.
And, it seems, it’s the same for polar bears, reports
Ivan the polar bear has fallen out of favour with female Noel, who appears to now actively dislike her mate.
So Ivan is set to be relocated from the Copenhagen Zoo to the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Djursland.
According to The Local, Copenhagen Zoo spokesman Bengt Holst said: “Our polar bears don’t match socially.
“They simply don’t like each other in particular our female bear tries to avoid the male.
“And that’s a problem. She often swims back and forth in the enclosure because she is stressed.”
He said the move would be the best thing for both bears.
But before we feel too sorry for Ivan, there is a plus side to the story.
When he moves to his new enclosure, he’ll be introduced to a new mate, called Nuno, who’ll be ready to produce cubs in the next few months.