New York, US (BBN) – A New York man who was blind for 20 years miraculously regained his vision without any treatment from doctors.
Kevin Coughlin, 55, told WCBS that a thick white fog he had over his eyes for years randomly lifted in August, and since then he has been able to see, reports
“I really thought I was dreaming,” Coughlin said.
Doctors were shocked at the spontaneous change and said the reversal of Leber Optic Neuropathy, a hereditary condition that impairs and destroys optic nerve cells, was unheard of.
Coughlin said since that moment in August, he has regained 70 percent of his vision and believes it’s steadily improving.
“I’m not aware of another case like this in medical history actually – a true Optic Neuropathy that resolved itself after 20 years. So it’s a fantastic story,” Dr Susan Fromer, of Lenox Hill Hospital, told the station.
Coughlin told the station that he thinks a change in his diet to foods rich in antioxidants and spiritual strength played a role.
“Now, I’m totally different. I’m a person who meditates daily, I pray,” he said.
His guide dog, Elias, can now walk around the city with his owner freely, and Coughlin said his pup’s face is his favorite city site.