Ahmedabad, India (BBN)-A bride’s entry to the hall has become a very important part of wedding planning these days- all thanks to the pomp and show marriage ceremonies have been reduced to.
Brides enter in a doli, a clad-in-flowers rickshaw, sometimes even a chariot but recently, 26-year-old Ahmedabad girl Ayesha Upadhayay surprised everyone when she arrived at the venue on a Bullet. Being called ‘the real Bullet Rani’ on social media, Upadhayay chose to break the stereotype where the bride has to smile sheepishly and blush while making an entry with a typical song playing in the background, reports The Indian Express.
A computer science professor, Upadhayay has been riding bikes since she was 13, she told ABP live.
“I love bullet and I told my parents that I want to enter the stage on the bike and not in doli,” she was quoted as saying. Interestingly, Upadhayay intends to take her husband on a bike ride who incidentally does not know how to ride a bike.