Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN): Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has further taken the following decisions regarding the Rights Issue of R.N. Spinning Mills Ltd. under Section-2CC of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969, officials said.

(1) The issue size of the said rights issue shall be amounting to Tk. 119,95,60,980.00 instead of Tk. 278,28,24,600.00; (2) The said issue size includes Tk. 98,37,10,220.00 of valid subscription, Tk. 14,50,00,000.00 subscribed by Mrs. Shirin Faruk, Director and Tk. 7,08,50,760.00 of underwriters’ amount;  (3) The Company shall transfer excess amount over Tk. 119,95,60,980.00 from the STD Account maintained with Bank Asia Ltd. to the Company and shall also be entitled to utilize Tk. 119,95,60,980.00 of rights issue fund; and (4) The Company shall credit shares to the BO Accounts of Directors included in the aforesaid issue size and shares of Tk. 7,08,50,760.00 (including premium) to the underwriters’ BO Accounts by complying the securities law.

BBN/BB/AD/Jan15-13-11.15am (BST).