Dr. Atiur Rahman is addressing at a programme in Dhaka on December 09, 2017. Photo: BBN

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – The youth is going to be a core strength for building a prosperous Bangladesh, former Governor of Bangladesh Bank (BB) Atiur Rahman has said.

“We want to see Bangladesh as a high income country, as an economy with double digit GDP growth rate, a country with no hunger or poverty,” Dr. Rahman said while addressing as the Chief Guest of the 5th New Generations Seminar- 2017 organized by Rotary Club of Dhaka Buriganga on Saturday.

Lt. Col. Firoz Ahmed (Retd.), President of Rotary Club of Dhaka Buriganga was the Special Guest, while Rotarian Dr. Rubina Husain chaired the seminar, according to a statement.

Dr. Atiur said that Bangladesh has now the demographic dividend on her side. But having this dividend alone will not suffice. Proper utilization of the youthful human capital has to be ensured.

Promotion of entrepreneurship, nurturing leadership, equipping the youth with proper skills and ensuring appropriate employment will be pivotal in this regard, he added.

Talking on new leadership challenges, Dr. Atiur said- “The new leaders must be able manage and lead the ‘new normal’ standard human resource. This new human resource is more flexible, more team centric, tech-savvy, and above all, diverse (socially as well as culturally). And, of course, more global in attitude.”

He also added that the new leaders and entrepreneurs must be well equipped with skills needed in the new economy. ICT is obliterating traditional boundaries and redefining assumptions about business and economy. Hence, human resource need to be developed accordingly so that this may cater to the demand effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Atiur Rahman is addressing at a programme in Dhaka on December 09, 2017. Photo: BBN

“Bangladesh’s adoption of digital technology has indeed been fast and business focused, primarily due to the entrepreneurial youths working in both public and private sectors,” he explained.

When discussing importance of appropriate employment Dr. Atiur emphasized on promotion of Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) in Bangladesh.

He pointed out that the unemployment rate among TVET graduate is the lowest, but only 5 percent of our bachelor degree holders have TVET.

Dr. Rahman also emphasized on the importance of cooperation between the government, industry and academia for efficient utilization of the youthful human capital of Bangladesh.