Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)-This is the moment when a new mother is finally reunited with her baby daughter, who was hit by a bullet while still in her womb nearly one month ago.
The mother, only known as Najma, was shot in the abdomen while eight months pregnant with baby Suraiya, when she accidentally stepped in the line of fire as one militant political faction staged an attack on another in Magura, Bangladesh, last month, reports The Daily Mail.
Najma was rushed to hospital and little Suraiya was born after a three-hour emergency Cesarean and surgery and the baby girl was immediately transferred to an intensive care unit.
The bullet had gone through Suraiya’s right shoulder and damaged her right eye in the womb, but amazingly did not do any permanent damage to the unborn child.
After making excellent progress, mother and daughter could be united once more at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Sunday in front of cheering family members and medical staff.