California, US (BBN)-Leave it to social media to find a needle in a haystack or make mountains of molehills.
First they found a fallen angel that was banished from heaven in London, reports NDTV.
Now they’re convinced they’ve found proof of life on Mars in the form of a crab and a woman (even though everyone knows women are from Venus).
Two images of Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover are currently orbiting around social media, which believes that the Red Planet is inhabited by:
a) A crab. The first picture finds a crab-shaped anomaly on the Martian rocks. Needless to say, social media instantly began sharing the news of ‘animal life’ on the planet.
b) The other, even more bizarre, finds an actual woman-shaped (some even say woman’s ghost) anomaly on the planet’s surface. Some people even insist they can see a distinct female body structure, complete with breasts and arms.
Are you convinced? Perhaps you should just wait for a proper confirmation from NASA.