Tokyo, Japan (BBN)-When it comes to cameras Canon always wants to be on the bleeding edge, be it the introduction of DSLR cameras for pro film makers like the Canon 5D and 7D, the first line of budget DSLR’s with it’s EOS range or the iconic Canon 1D where they tried to make the best camera possible.
With the release of release of the ME20F-SH Canon has broken new ground once again, reports the Hidustan Times.
Described as the competitor to digital movie cameras made by companies such as Arri and RED, the ME20F-SH aims to reinstate Canon at the top of the pile once again.
Canon states the the 1080p camera is aimed at various markets such as nighttime security/surveillance, cinema, wildlife documentaries etc.
The main selling point is its CMOS sensor, something Canon has been developing for quite a while (and spending a lot of money on it).
That along with an ISO of 4,000,000 basically lets you record full-color video in complete darkness.
In terms of some basic specs, the camera isn’t very heavy. It weights approximately 1.1 kg (body only) and has Canon’s proprietary EF mount; so exisiting Canon owners can use their old lenses along with this camera.
The other eye-catching spec is the minimum subject illumination, which is less than 0.00005 lux.
For people who are scratching their heads wondering what that means, it means this camera can basically Illuminate and show everything in a completely dark room.
The back panel is also easy to access with all the appropriate connections provided.
The camera’s back panel is loaded with ports and buttons.
Unsurprisingly a top end device like this, comes at a price. The Canon ME20F-SH comes in at $30,000 (Around Rs 19,50,000).
In spite of the eye watering price if you still have Canon’s attention, the camera will be released in December 2015 and should be available in India by early-2016.
Although the camera does show a lot of potential, it will really come down to how it performs when it’s released.