New Delhi, India (BBN)-Ladies and gentlemen fond of all things insanely adorable, this video is going to make you squeal with joy.
To celebrate the Chinese Year of the Monkey, which started over a week ago on February 8, digital magician Simon Pierro pulled off some incredible magic tricks on a bunch of unsuspecting chimpanzees called Mona, Jenny and Andy. And the result is fantastic to watch, reports the NDTV.
All of Simon’s tricks involve an iPad and, in this case, some peanuts, milk, and bananas – things that make monkeys go ape.
The video shows the magician pulling peanuts out of the device screen, showing them to the chimp and then making them vanish in thin air.
In another trick, he pours a glass of milk into the iPad while the chimpanzee tries to lick it off the screen – in vain, sadly, because magic – resulting in this reaction.
“What manner of sorcery is this?,” is probably what the chimp’s thinking here.
Just when you’re feeling bad for poor Mona, Jenny and Andy, Simon’s last trick gets him a big hug from one of his furry pals.