Mangalore, India (BBN)-The worst nightmare of this young couple came true when they ate half of a KFC Zinger burger infested with slimy wriggly worms!
This happened when Prashant and his fiancee Deekshita were at a KFC outlet in the City Centre Mall in Mangalore. Halfway through the burger Deekshita felt there was something odd with the burger, only to see two worms wriggling inside, reports the India Today.
According to a report in the Times of India the KFC staff in the outlet did not allow them to take pictures and also got a casual reply from the outlet manager that it must have come out of the vegetables.
A day after this incident the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, UT Khader said the department will issue a notice to the multinational food joint KFC, reports TOI.
Khader told that it was duty of the outlet to ensure the quality of food they serve, ‘We cannot tolerate such lapses by anyone, including an MNC’, he told TOI .
Spokesperson for KFC said, “As a responsible brand, KFC is committed to following best international standards and serving the highest quality products to all our customers across all our restaurants. We have regular checks and effective systems in place.”
The aim is to make sure KFC restaurants operate as per highest standards.
“The incident was brought to our notice and we invited the customer for a kitchen tour (on Tuesday). After seeing our quality systems and processes, he was convinced about our international standards. We have no information on any notification from the authorities concerned.We will, however, extend our complete cooperation in this matter.” added the Spokesperson for KFC.
This is not the first time such an incident is happening at KFC. In 2012, a family in Kerala found worms in their fried chicken at an outlet in Thiruvananthapuram.
After inspection by the Food Safety Authority it was found the outlet did not live up to the required sanitation, and that the chicken was almost five months old.
The incident led to the inspection of many more outlets. Clearly to no avail, because such cases are still being reported.