Would you consider getting a Donald Trump ‘hair tattoo’. Photo: Facebook/XB hair

Taipei, Taiwan (BBN) – US President Donald Trump’s hair is arguably as famous as the man himself. The 71-year-old politician’s light blonde hair is typically swept back with an elaborate pouf.

And while we honestly cannot imagine too many people would willingly want to style their hair like Mr Trump’s, one talented hairstylist from Taiwan recreated the iconic hair-do on a client’s head. Except, it’s not quite what you think, reports NDTV.

Allen Chen, of XB Hair Salon, prides himself on portrait-inspired “hair tattoos.” Earlier this year, he shaved a portrait of the US President on the back of a client’s head – including that famous blonde hair. Though Mr Chen’s posted pictures and videos of the “hair-raising” tribute on Facebook and Instagram on September 25, they went viral only in the last few days.

Photos posted on XB Hair Salon’s Facebook page show Mr Chen consulting a photograph of POTUS to get the details of his face (and mane) just right.

Using a pair of scissors, a razor, trimmer and hair dye as his only tools, Mr Chen manages to recreate a liking of Mr Trump on his client’s scalp.
We can’t deny the hair (and eyebrows) are totally on point!
A scroll through the Changhua-based salon’s official Facebook page shows similar celeb-inspired “hair tattoos.” There are portraits of actors Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, cartoon character Mickey Mouse and even Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
Mr Chen can easily add artist to his title of hairstylist.
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