New Delhi, India (BBN)-As the mercury rises, your skin and hair get affected more than you realise.
And more than anything, it gets difficult for your make-up to stay on and look fresh, teports the TNN.
Here’s some help.
– Summer is the time when you should avoid the caked-on look, so avoid applying layers and layers of make-up. Instead, opt for a subtle, dewy fresh look that looks natural and is fuss-free.
– Use a lightweight moisturiser during the day so that your make-up doesn’t literally slide off.
– Opt for a creamy blush that will blend well into your skin. Use a light shade that won’t make your face look like you’re blushing all the time.
Use a waterproof liner and mascara so that even if you sweat, it won’t run.
– Instead of favouring glossy lip colours, opt for tinted balms.
– Always use a make-up remover at night to remove all traces of make-up. This way you lower your chances of any breakouts. Use a mild cleanser in the morning before you start applying your make-up for the day.
– Carry blotting paper with you in your purse so that whenever you start feeling hot and sticky, you can use it to remove excess moisture from your face. Alternatively, you could also use a facial mist to stay fresh.
– Apply a coat of sunscreen on your face before you use any make-up. This will protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.