Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN)– Selected programs of the first three days to be aired on different television channels have been given below.
Alauddiner Phashi
Written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by Jewel Rana, single-episode play Alauddiner Phanshi will be aired on Eid day at 7:50pm. The story revolves around a kidnapper named Alauddin who kidnaps a child and kills him. The role of the state about the murder is highlighted in the story. Shahiduzzaman Selim, Richi Solaiman, Masud Akhond and Jayonto Chattopaddhay are included in the cast.
Lal Tip
Swapan Ahmed’s big budget film Lal Tip, mostly done in Paris, is a story of a marriage of a Bangladeshi couple living in Paris. The woman, named Nidhi (Kushum Shikdar), grows up in the cosmopolitan city and falls in love with a Frenchman, Laurent, who is actually a lecher. Later on she meets Arnab (Emon) who is a newcomer in France. The film will be telecast on the second day of Eid at 11:10am. 
Kobi Hotey Sabdhan
Written by Shafikur Rahman Shantanu and directed by Shamima Akter Baby, play Kobi Hoite Sabdhan will be aired on the third day of Eid at 11:30pm. It depicts a row of dramatic incidents take place in a certain neighbourhood where a number of poets live. Apurba, Swagata, Sweety and Sohel Khan are the lead roles of the play.   
Buno Chaltar Gaye
Five-episode drama serial Buno Chaltar Gaye, written by Prasun Rahman and directed by Mahfuz Rahman will be aired on five consecutive days of Eid at 11:45pm. The play depicts a fight against superstitions carried out by a young man in a village. Maffuz Rahman, Tarin, Monalisa and Fazlur Rahman Babu are included in the cast.
Telefilm Nikti, written by Kazi Shahidul Islam and directed by Salahuddin Lavlu, will be aired on the second day of Eid at 3:10pm. Set against the backdrop of a village, the play is voice against dowry system which is depicted through  a marriage. Tisha, A Kha Ma Hasan and Salahuddin Lavlu are the lead roles of the play.
Sukh Tan
Six-episode drama serial Sukh Tan, written and directed by Masud Sezan, will be aired at 6:45pm everyday during the channel’s six-day Eid celebration. The story of the drama centers on an idealistic man who leads a simple life. However, after observing his peers and colleagues having lavish lives derived by sycophancy pushes him in to a dilemma. Mosharraf Karim and Monalisa are the lead roles of the drama.
Biyeta Amar Khub Darkar
Single-episode play Biyeta Amar Khub Darkar featuring Jahid Hasan, Nipun, Sharmili Ahmed and others will be aired on Eid day at 11:30pm. The protagonist of the play Zulfikar and his mother lead a synchronized family. But the only tension of his mother is to marry him off to an intelligent girl since Zulfikar is not bright.
Panchanker Ganshala
Kiran Chandra Roy, Chandana Majumder and Sselim Chowdhury will be appeared on musical programme Panchanker Ganshala which will be aired at 5:30pm on the third day of Eid. 
Project Traffic Jam
Film star Riyaj and Sohana Saba are the lead roles of the play Project Traffic Jam which will be aired on the second day of Eid at 11:55pm. An unemployed man plans to do something big to reduce the traffic jam of Dhaka city. He employs some young boys in his project to do so while his girlfriend who works in a newspaper office becomes annoyed of him. 
Written and directed by Redoan Rony, play Chatushkon will be aired on Banglavision on the third day of Eid at 8:10pm. The play features financial crisis which leads to different social crises depicted through some characters. Mirakkel star Abu Hena Rony, Kochi Khandakar, Snigdha and others are the cast of the play.
Written and directed by Atiqul Haque Chowdhury, play Maa will be aired on the Eid day at 9.30pm. The story of the play revolves around the emotional crisis of a mother who lives alone in her village home while her sons and dauthers live in the town with their families. Dolly Johur, Rosy Siddiqui and Arman Parvez Murad among others are the lead roles of the play.
Ajker Romeo Juliet
Tarik Anam Khan and Farah Ruma played the centre roles of the play Ajker Romio Juliet which will be aired on 9:30pm on the second day of Eid. The comedy shows an old man marries a young woman leaving his wife and kids abroad. But the man gets socially embarrassed and the girl becomes disappointed from many aspects in the married life. The play is written by Ahsan Alamgir and directed by Debashish Barua.
Desh TV
Chor Galo Bhut Elo
Written by Litu Sakhawat and directed by Shahiduzzaman Selim, play Chor Galo Bhut Elo will be aired on the second day of Eid at 9:30pm. The play presents an array of funny incidents while a man encounters a ghost in his house. Shahiduzzaman Selim, Ishita and Sharmili Ahmed played the lead roles in the play.
Ekti Mrityur Swapna
Written and directed by Animesh Aich, single-episode play Ekti Mrityur Swapna presents a story of a married couple who do not love each other anymore. The man becomes alcoholic and tortures his wife. The wife then plans to murder him. The play starring Shimla and Ahmed Rubel, will be aired on the third day of Eid at 9:30pm.  
Telefilm Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai
Telefilm Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai is made up of three inter-woven love stories of different relationships. Directed by Shihab Shaheen, the telefilm includes some popular stars of the country including Joya Ahsan, Shuvo, Pritee, Tisha, Oni, and Iresh Zaker. It will be aired at 5:00pm on the second day of Eid.
Kajoler Antordhan
Drama Kajoler Antordhan features Mousumi and Sajal in the lead roles. A crazy fan commits suicide for his favourite heroine Mousumi. The story revolves around the incident as more dramatic events arise. Written by Kabir Bakul and directed by Nuzhat Alvi Ahmed, the play will be aired on the third day of Eid at 9:20pm.  
Boishakhi TV
Jal Dano Ar Manusher Galpo
Written by Yusuf Ali Khokon and directed by Md. Ashikur Rahman, play Jal Dano Ar Manusher Galpo will be aired on Eid day at 8:40pm. Set against the backdrop of a village, the story revolves around a pregnant wife who is forced to abort her unborn baby by her mother-in-law and husband who believe the venture will bring them fortune. Jenny, Munira Mithu and Pran Roy are the lead roles of the play.
Rochi Mamo Phalguni
Written and directed by Rounak Hasan, telefilm Rochi Mamo Phalguni will be aired on the second day of Eid at 3:00pm. The story features Rounak Hasan and Tisha each in five famous characters of Bangla literature.
Channel 9
Ghetu Putra Kamola 
Humayun Ahmed’s last feature film Ghetu Putra Kamola will be aired at 8:00pm on the Eid day. Tarik Anam Khan, Munmun Ahmed, Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Pran Roy and Mamun are the lead roles of the movie released this September.
Lokti Bou Ke Baro Bhalobashto 
Eid drama Lokti Bou K Baro Bhalobashto will be aired on third day of Eid at 10.40pm. The play, which is respectively written and directed by Anisul Haque and Sokal Ahmed, depicts a fifteen year old girl who gets insane when she finds out about her father’s extramarital affair. Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tisha, Bijori Barkatullah and others acted at the play. 
Maasranga TV
Written by Shafikur Rahman Shantanu and directed by Ananya Emon, single-episode play Chemistry brings Sajal and Sarika in the lead roles. The story depicts a love story in which the man meets the woman in a gift shop but their interaction begins with a quarrel.
Diner Sheshe
Telefilm Diner Sheshe, written by Sahana Shumi and directed by Matia Banu Shuku, will be aired on the second day of Eid at 3:00pm. The film portrays a midlle-aged lady who used to do painting once but now leads a very simple life. Suddenly she develops a friendship with a young man and begins to paint again. 
Channel 24
Chhele Dhara Kol
Written by Pantha Shahriar and directed by Sakal Ahmed, five-episode drama serial Chhele Dhara Kol will be aired everyday during the channel’s five-day Eid celebration at 8:45pm. The story is about a 10-year-old extremely naughty boy and a man named Mobassher who is employed by the boy’s father to teach the kid some lessons. Mosharraf Karim, Abul Hayat and Jenny are included in the cast.
Shahare Notun Balika
Single-episode play Shahare Notun Balika presents a love story between a very simple and idealistic girl and an alcoholic and depressed boy. The girl with her positive approach towards life brings changes to the lifestyle of the boy. Directed by  Sajjad Sumon and Written by Zakaria Shoukhin, the cast of the play includes Shyamal Moula and Prasun Azad.
Ek Jonaki Andhar
Written and directed by Ferdous Hasan, telefilm Ek Jonaki Andhar will be aired on Eid day at 11:05pm. The play features a love story between a city dwelling rich man and a poor village woman who sells her kidney to the man. Apurba, Sumaiya Shimu, Hasan Imam and Afroza Banu are the lead roles of the play.
Made in Chittagong
Made in Chittagong featuring Partha Barua, Aparna, Saju Khadem, Nabila in lead roles present a love story between two neighbours live in an area of Chittagong city. The neighbours create obstacle in their love and many dramatic incidents happen. The play is written and directed by Imraul Rafat.
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