Being a complete workaholic folk at office, i can vent off my stress only with Coffee.
While having a cup of coffee, I decided to share this recipe with all because lots of things can happen over a cup of coffee, according to
Coffee powder
Cocca Powder

1.In a coffee mug, add coffee powder, sugar and water.
2.With a spoon, start beating it vigorously to incorporate as much air as you can.
Only beating continuosly and vigorously will give you the whipped frothy coffee-sugar mix.
Do not stop till it turns pale brown in color. The sugar will not be dissolved completely so dont worry about that and beat well.
3.The more you beat, the mix will become pale brown in color.Boil milk and add it to the mug containing whipped coffe-sugar paste.
Stir well with a spoon. Sprinkle coco powder and serve hot.