California, US (BBN)-Facebook already collects information from your photos to suggest tags for your friends when they upload new pictures.

Now it looks like the social networking site could be taking things up a level.

Researchers from Facebook’s artificial intelligence team have been working on technology that aims to recognise someone even if their face isn’t clearly shown in the photo, reports BBC.

The algorithm looks at more than 100 different body parts.

It’s used in combination with facial recognition and whole body recognition technology.

The idea is that it can learn to recognise the same person in different poses in different photos.

But Newsbeat understands there are no immediate plans to implement this technology on Facebook.

The research team tested their method on 37,000 photos taken from Flickr Commons.

They claim that their method achieved 83 per cent accuracy with 581 different people.

Their findings were presented at the Computer Vision Foundation conference earlier this month.

The use of facial recognition technology has led to worries over privacy and caused problems for Facebook in the past.

Just last week, concerns about the use of facial recognition led to Facebook dropping the European launch of their new photo sharing app Moments.

The Irish data regulator said the app needed an opt-in feature, which the app currently doesn’t have.

In 2012 Facebook suspended their facial recognition tool in Europe so it could make sure it was in line with European data protection guidelines.