Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Facebook has restricted access in Bangladesh to three pieces of content as ‘requested by the government due to violations of local law’.  

“We restricted access in Bangladesh to a number of pieces of content reported under local laws prohibiting criticism of the state,” reads a facebook message.  

However, it was not elaborated further about the contents that have been restricted.  

Usually, governments across the globe request to restrict access to content due to violations of laws.

The top social networking in the world recently released a report regarding the requests of governments of different countries towards them to restrict contents. These requests were submitted from July 2013 to December 2013.

Earlier, Bangladesh government had asked for personal information of 12 Facebook users to the Facebook authorities from January to June in 2013.

In the recent report, India requested to restrict 4765 contents, which is the highest among the countries. United States government asked for 18,715 user account information, which is highest in this regard.

BBN/SSR/AD-13Apr14-9:50 p (BST)