Taipei, Taiwan (BBN)-A cold snap sweeping across East Asia has led to more than 50 deaths in Taiwan and stranded at least 60,000 tourists in South Korea.
Taiwanese media reported a rash of deaths from hypothermia and cardiac disease following a sudden drop in temperature over the weekend.
Meanwhile heavy snow forced the closure of the airport on the Korean holiday island of Jeju, cancelling flights, reports BBC.
The cold spell has also hit Hong Kong, southern China and Japan.
It has also dropped temperatures in some parts of South East Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand.
Many of those who died in Taiwan were elderly people living in northern regions such as Taipei and Taoyuan, as well as some living in the southern city of Kaohsiung.
The north saw an unusually low temperature of 4C (39F) on Sunday, and many homes in Taiwan lack central heating.
In the capital of Taipei, many victims reportedly had heart trouble and shortness of breath.
“In our experience, it’s not the actual temperature but the sudden drop that’s too sudden for people’s circulatory systems,” said a city official quoted by AP news agency.
Most of the victims in the city and its surrounding region, known as New Taipei City, were found indoors.
A 56-year-old man surnamed Chen was found dead on the street Sunday morning, reported Focus Taiwan.
Authorities have warned people, especially senior citizens, to keep warm and stay out of the cold.
In South Korea, more than 500 domestic and international flights have been cancelled in Jeju as the island, known for balmy weather and beaches, saw -6C weather.
The airport is due to reopen on Monday night.
Thousands of tourists were left stranded over the weekend.
Yonhap news agency reported that local officials were scrambling to find transport and accommodation.
In Hong Kong, residents shivered in 3C, the lowest temperature there in nearly 60 years.
Parts of Guangzhou and Shenzhen in southern China have also seen the rare appearance of snow, while the southern Japanese island of Okinawa has seen sleet for the first time ever, report Chinese and Japanese media.
Snow storms have hit large parts of Japan as well, with more than 600 domestic flights cancelled across the country on Sunday and Monday, reported NHK news.
At least five people have died from the snow so far and more than 100 have been injured in Japan.
In Bangkok, which rarely sees temperatures below 20 C, temperatures dropped to around 16 C on Sunday, while Vietnam saw the coldest weather in about two decades over the weekend with Hanoi experiencing 6 C weather.