Toronto, Canada (BBN)-With his chiselled bone structure, intense gaze and stellar acting skills, Johnny Depp was the object of many women’s desire.

This week, however, the Hollywood heartthrob looked a far cry from the 80s pin-up who once made women worldwide weak at the knees, reports The Daily Mail.
The 52-year-old, who even managed to make eyeliner sexy during his turn as Captain Jack Sparrow, looked notably different as he joined Amber Heard at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Black Mass on Monday.
In light of his new look, FEMAIL takes a look back at the transformation of the star, who rose to global prominence in the 1980s on TV series 21 Jump Street.
On Monday night, the star looked somewhat different to the man the world fell in love with in the 90s.
Johnny stayed true to his quirky style with a red shirt, matching pocket square and snazzy suede shoes.
Whilst he left the trademark shades at home, he stuck to his bohemian style by wearing a cluster of necklaces to decorate his chest.
Earlier on Monday, at a press conference for the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, Johnny looked somewhat bloated.
On that occasion, he wore a driver’s cap, vest and light blue shirt along with his signature blue-tinted shades.
Noticing the star’s new look, a guest blogger for the New York Post, writing under the alias Regina George, noted: ‘The actor’s face, chiseled just a few months ago, had swelled into a puffy oval, and the rest of his body looked as if it had gotten just as round.
‘His hair appeared greasier than usual, and topping off his look, one of his teeth was red for some mysterious reason. A stain? A stray piece of cranberry? Some sort of pirate thing? We have no idea.’
Social media users echoed her words and noted that the star looked more fuller figured than he has done in the past. Many asked ‘what has happened to Johnny Depp?’, whilst another tweeted fashion designer Victoria Beckham asking her to lend her styling expertise to the father-of-two.
Indeed, his look is a far cry from the man we grew up with. Following his rise to fame in 21 Jump Street in the 1980s, he fast become a teen idol thanks to his moody, rugged look.
However, not satisfied with that status, he turned to film for more challenging roles starring in blockbusters such as 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow in 1999, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005, which all helped secure his status as a Hollywood pin-up.
Thanks to his good looks, Depp has had his fair share of high-profile relationships with beautiful women.
His first wife was Lori Anne Allison, who he married in 1983 before divorcing her two years later.
He also got engaged to actresses Jennifer Grey and Sherilyn Fennel in the late 1980s before proposing to Winona Ryder in 1990.
The duo starred in Edward Scissorhands together and he even had ‘WINONA FOREVER’ tattooed onto his arm.